Tanja Rener
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Tanja Rener is professor of family sociology and women’s studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. She studied sociolgy in Ljubljana, completed her graduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Bologna, Italy, and holds a Ph. D. in sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. She is teaching family sociology, sociology of everyday life and women’s studies courses on graduate and post-graduate level. She was invited to lecture at the University of Bologna and University of Trento (Italy), The Queen’s University of Belfast (GB), The Plovdiv and Sofia University (Bulgaria), the European University of Cyprus, the European University of St. Petersburg (Russia), Columbia University, Rutgers University and University of South Maine (USA). She was a member of organising comeetees of several international conferences.

Tanja Rener cooperates with various independent women’s groups and movements in Slovenia and was a national coordinator for youth studies, a national coordinator for women’s studies, both at the Council of Europe. She is a member of Slovenian Sociological Associatio, European Sociological Association and International Sociological Association, a member of the Open Society SubBoard, Budapest, a co-founder and editor of Confer Academic Press.

She has published widely in the field of women’s studies, family and youth studies. She is the author, co-author or editor of articles and books including : Yugoslav Women in Politics (1985), Woman-Private-Political (1991, Ljubljana), Women, Politics and the Family (1991, Ljubljana), Families: Ecqual and Different (1995, Ljubljana), Time-out for Students (1996, Ljubljana), Youth in Slovenia; New Perspectives from the Nineties (1997, Ljubljana), Back to the Future; Nationalism and Gender in Postsocialist Societies (in Women, Ethincity and Nationalism, 1998, Routledge), Social Vulnerability of Youth (1999, Ljubljana), Youth 2000, (Maribor, 2002), Le guerre cominciano in primavera (Italy, 2003) Roots and Wings (Contemporary Family Life in Slovenia (Italy, 2004), Families and Family Life in Slovenia (2006).

She was scientific coordinator of the international research project Global Approach to Drugs (Copernicus Project, EU, 1999 - 2001); currently she is head of projects on new forms of parenthood (fatherhood).


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as author at  Conference on Creative women in science and public life, Ljubljana 2008,