Stephen Bustin
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Stephen Bustin BA(Mod) PhD FSB obtained his PhD from Trinity College Dublin and has been working with PCR since 1987. He is currently Professor of Allied Health and Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University as well as visiting Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Middlesex, having been Professor of Molecular Science at Queen Mary University of London. He acquired his first qPCR instrument in 1997 and has published numerous peer-reviewed papers that describe and use this technology. He wrote and edited the “A-Z of Quantitative PCR” (2004), universally acknowledged as the “qPCR Bible” as well as “The PCR Revolution” (2011). He led the international consortium that drew up the MIQE guidelines (2009) and is in constant demand as a speaker and teacher at international qPCR meetings and workshops.


flag Scientific Integrity: Can Molecular Medicine Be Trusted
as author at  Predavanja na Nacionalnem inštitutu za biologijo, Ljubljana,