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Spring School in Complexity Science 2006 - Southampton   

Spring School in Complexity Science, Southampton 2006

These new courses (designed in conjunction with our new MSc Complexity Science) are designed for postgraduate students (perhaps early in their PhD studies or on masters courses) and industrial employees wishing to learn about the principles and challenges of complexity in natural and engineered systems.

The courses are designed to addresses the critical challenges currently facing the computational and engineering industries by focusing on the underlying principles of complexity in common with biological systems. Emphasis is placed on two complementary objectives. You will learn how to use advanced techniques to understand the robust, adaptive and self-organising properties of biological and natural systems, and also how to exploit these properties to address the pressing problems presented by the increasing scale and connectivity of today's engineered systems. The course focuses on developing core mathematical modelling and simulation skills, providing a firm knowledge base in relevant biology, and command of established techniques in biologically inspired computing.



[syn]  9179 views, 41:01  
Seth Bullock Seth Bullock
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[syn]  5455 views, 1:38:09  
flagRandom WalksRandom Walks
Srinandan Dasmahapatra Srinandan Dasmahapatra
[syn]  4198 views, 59:55  
flagEvolution of ComplexityEvolution of Complexity
Adam Prügel-Bennett Adam Prügel-Bennett
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votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  15051 views, 49:27  
flagEvolutionary AlgorithmsEvolutionary Algorithms
Adam Prügel-Bennett Adam Prügel-Bennett
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[syn]  4721 views, 1:01:41  
Adam Prügel-Bennett Adam Prügel-Bennett
[syn]  3265 views, 59:48  
flagAnalysis of DynamicsAnalysis of Dynamics
Adam Prügel-Bennett Adam Prügel-Bennett
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votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  4159 views, 42:44  
flagOrigins of SexOrigins of Sex
Adam Prügel-Bennett Adam Prügel-Bennett
[syn]  3499 views, 40:31  
flagFitness LandscapesFitness Landscapes
Adam Prügel-Bennett Adam Prügel-Bennett
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