Simone Gilardoni
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Since August 2004: CERN staff in the Accelerator and Beam Physics Group (ABP). Main working subjects: - Ions for the I-LHC project - PS Machine Supervisor - Responsible of the PS machine physics aspects - New scheme for beam extraction from synchrotrons - LHC commissioning March-August 2004: CERN fellow in the ABP group. Subject of study: New scheme for beam extraction from synchrotrons. 2004: PhD student at CERN and University of Geneva. Study of particle production and capture for a Neutrino Factory Thesis in the domain of accelerators and neutrino physics. 2000: Diploma in high energy physics. Paris 6 and Ecole Polythecnique of Paris. Working in the domain of neutrino physics and electron positron / collider physics. 1999: Diploma in Nuclear Engineering. Politecnico of Milano. Determination of the LEP center-of-mass energy from Z / events / using a fitting method at the ALEPH experiment.


flag Accelerators (Accelerator Physics)
as author at  CERN Summer Student Lecture Program 2010,
together with: Bernhard Holzer,
flag Accelerators
as author at  CERN Summer Student Lecture Program 2009,
together with: Elias Metral,