Scott C. Donnelly
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Senior Vice President General Electric Global Research

Scott C. Donnelly is the General Electric Company's Senior Vice President for research and development and a member of the company's Corporate Executive Council. He directs GE Global Research, one of the world's largest and most diversified industrial research organizations. At this corporate-level division, some 2,300 people - including approximately 1,700 scientists, engineers, and technicians from virtually every major scientific and engineering discipline - concentrate their efforts on the company's longer-range technology needs. The organization has facilities in the United States, India, and China working in collaboration with GE businesses around the world.

Donnelly serves on the Industrial Advisory Committee of several engineering colleges, the Research Foundation of the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Center for Innovation in Minimally Invasive Therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also serves as a director of GE Capital Corporation and GE Capital Services Inc.


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