Ryan Chin
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Ph.D. Candidate, and Research Assistant, Smart Cities Group, Media Lab

Ryan C.C. Chin is a second year doctoral student in the Smart Cities research group under the supervision of Professor William J. Mitchell.

He is investigating the role of mass-customization and personalization in product development processes. His current research centers on the development of a concept car with General Motors. The concept car project is a design exploration utilizing multidisciplinary design processes. The vehicle itself serves as a platform for Media lab technological innovation and investigates issues of connectivity, human-machine interface, fabrication, and design computation.

After receiving his Master of Architecture from MIT, he joined the MIT Media Lab as a research specialist for CC++: The Car Research group. He most recently finished his Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences in 2005. Prior to MIT, Ryan received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Catholic University of America.


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