Rocco Casagrande
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Rocco Casagrande is a founder and current managing director of Gryphon Scientific. He holds a BA in chemistry and biology from Cornell University and a PhD in experimental biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From December 2002 to March 2003, Rocco worked as a United Nations biological weapons inspector in Iraq, where he participated in more than 50 inspections and acted as the chief of the U.N. biological analysis laboratory. In a prior post, Rocco led a team of biologists and engineers at Surface Logix, a Boston-Based biotechnology firm, to develop and test real-time detectors for biological agents. In his most recent position, he led the homeland security practice at Abt Associates, one of the nation's largest public policy research and consulting firms. He has published numerous articles on biological defense and has consulted on chemical and biological warfare and defense for several congressional offices and government agencies.


flag Just Back from Iraq: Observations of a Weapons Inspector
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