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Pascal Symposium meeting 2008 - Bled   

Pascal Symposium meeting, Bled 2008

Pascal Symposium meeting was a celebratory symposium in Bled Slovenia. It was an opportunity to look back on the achievements of PASCAL, as well as to launch the follow on Network PASCAL2 that is due to start in March 2008.

votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  4764 views, 39:37  
Marko Grobelnik, Gunnar Rätsch, et al. Marko Grobelnik, Gunnar Rätsch, José L. Balcázar, John Shawe-Taylor, Nello Cristianini, Colin de la Higuera
[syn]  3957 views, 33:22  
flagHarvest ProgrammeHarvest Programme
Nicola Cancedda, Marko Grobelnik Nicola Cancedda, Marko Grobelnik
[syn]  3584 views, 25:05  
flagPASCAL virtual learning spacePASCAL virtual learning space
Mitja Jermol, Nello Cristianini, Sebastjan Mislej Mitja Jermol, Nello Cristianini, Sebastjan Mislej

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