Pinar Oezden Wennerberg
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I was born in Istanbul 29 years ago on the Asian side. It sounds really weird to me to specify this but whomever I have met -except for those who are from Istanbul of course- wanted to know explicitly which part of the city I come from. Anyways, I have lived on the Asian side for 22 years and for the last 4 years of it I have taken the ship across the Bosphorus to the European side almost everday to go to my classes at the English Language and Literature Department of the University of Istanbul. Well, at least 4 years later they gave me a B.A. for that! If you haven't seen Istanbul before, here are some pictures. Istanbul is beautiful....

5 years ago I decided to come to Germany to have a look... Obviously, I am still looking. The first year was quite exciting as I was trying to decode the German language, which has NOT been a piece of cake. But after I did that, I got so excited that I decided to study again! Guess what, it didn't take me another 4 years to think "probably I should have taken it easy..." 

Surprisingly, I am finished soon with my Master 's Degree on Computational Linguistics at the University of Munich in the city of Munich, where I live. Don't get scared I am not going to explain my whole thesis now but if you wanna know: it's about Knowledge Representation, in particular  ontologies. In case you are really interested in ontologies: here is my de, where I have given overview about ontological engineering and have developed two ontologies in OWL. 

And here are the slides of a presentation I have given recently about Ontologies at a graduate research class at the Computer Science Department of the University of  Munich as well as the slides about Ontologies and ontology the language OWL.

And last but not least: a talk that I have given about Knowledge Representation Formalisms (along with the slides) at a graduate research class at the Computer Science Department of Kstate.


flag Security Applications of Web mining
as author at  NATO Advanced Study Institute on Mining Massive Data Sets for Security,