Perrine Dutronc
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Ms. Dutronc is a Managing Director with Innovest, based in Paris. She is in charge of business development in France and continental Europe. Prior to joining Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc, Ms. Dutronc has worked during 8 years for J.P. Morgan Chase in Paris as an auditor, corporate finance analyst and Director of external communication. In the last few years, Ms. Dutronc redirected her career to the field of socially responsible finance and sustainability. She joined Terra Nova Conseil, a pioneer of SRI in France. While at Terra Nova, Ms. Dutronc became an expert at applying socially responsible strategies to employee savings plans. She also was instrumental in the launching and management of "sri in progress", France's first SRI newsletter in cooperation with Ms. Dutronc graduated as a "laureate" (top honours) from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, the leading French school in political science and business administration. She also holds a Master's degree in organisations sociology. Ms. Dutronc is fluent in French and English and has proficiency in Spanish. Ms. Dutronc is also the Treasurer of the FIR - Forum pour l’Investissement Responsable, the French SIF.

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