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Hackathon and Workshop   

Improve your olfactory language, Ljubljana 2022

Smells are elusive, we often do not notice them, or if we do, we struggle to find words to describe them. Yet odors and fragrances play an important role in our daily lives. Our sense of smell affects our emotions and can evoke strong memories, functioning as a gateway to the past.There is currently a lot of attention on the potential of smells to bring value and attract visitors to museums, libraries, heritage sites and tourist sites. However, due to smell still being a largely unexplored topic in the heritage sector, heritage professionals usually find working with scent quite challenging. In this workshop, you will develop the skills required to bring attention to the sense of smell in your organisation, revealing how it can highlight the value of your site and collection, and improve your engagement with visitors.

This workshop is part of the Odeuropa project.The European project Odeuropa addresses the sense of smell and the historical significance of smells with the aim of promoting and connecting European cultural heritage. We develop new scientific approaches and upgrade the existing artificial intelligence methods for the needs of analyzing historical texts and art collections. We develop and test a "computer nose", as the produced methods should enable the recognition of the most probable smells of scenes depicted in artistic paintings and described in historical texts.

More infromation at odeuropa-delavnica



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