Nicholas Donofrio
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Nicholas Donofrio is the leader of IBM's technology strategy. His responsibilities include IBM Research, the Personal Systems Group, the Integrated Supply Chain and Integrated Product Development teams, Governmental Programs, Health and Product Safety, Quality, and IBM's enterprise on-demand transformation team. He also heads the IBM Technology Team, is a member of IBM's Strategy Team, and is chairman of the board of governors for the IBM Academy of Technology.

Donofrio joined IBM in 1964 as a college intern and was hired permanently in 1967. He spent the early part of his career in integrated circuit and chip development as a designer of logic and memory chips. He has led many of IBM's major development and manufacturing teams -- from semiconductor and storage technologies, to microprocessors and personal computers, to IBM's entire family of servers.

In 2002 Donofrio was recognized by the Institution of Electrical Engineers -- the largest professional engineering society in Europe -- with the Mensforth International Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to the advancement of manufacturing engineering. In 2003 he was named Industry Week magazine's Technology Leader of the Year.


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