Morten Christiansen
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Dr. Morten H. Christiansen is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Cornell University. His research integrates connectionist modeling, statistical analyses, behavioral experimentation, and event-related potential (ERP) methods in the study of statistical learning and processing of complex sequential structure, in particular as related to the acquisition, processing and evolution of language. He received his PhD in Cognitive Science from the University of Edinburgh and has previously been a McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow at the Philosophy, Neuroscience and Psychology Program at Washington University in St. Louis, an Advanced Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Neural, Informational and Behavioral Sciences Program at the University of Southern California, and an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Linguistics at Southern Illinois University before joining Cornell University.


flag From Unsegmented Speech to Lexical Categories Using Phoneme Distributions
as author at  Workshop on Machine Learning and Cognitive Science of Language Acquisition, London 2007,