Miha Jeršek
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Employment: A young researcher in Slovenian Museum of Natural History

Field Work: Determination of quality and origin of minerals that are useful as gems

Professional Interest: Inclusions in minerals, optical phenomena in gem stones, colour of gem and ornamental stones

Biography: Miha Jeršek was born on October 24, 1969, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After he has finished primary school in Ljubljana he attended secondary school Bežigrad and became geological technician. He started undergraduate study in 1989 at the Department of Geology at University of Ljubljana. He working field was minerals and started to cut gems. He did a research work with a title »Inclusions of Gem Stones«. The mentor was Prof. dr. Breda Mirtič. Miha Jeršek showed his design results on the 17th World Congress of Industrial Design, ICSID 92, on May 1992 in Ljubljana. He cut minerals that were used as a decoration of the cup of architect Jože Plečnik. The cup was made for the Pope Janez Pavel II. when he arrived to Ljubljana in May 1996. His diploma thesis has a title "The Corundum of Prilep Dolomite Marble". He finished it in September 17, 1996. He visited and researched many mineral deposits in Macedonia in October 1996. The results of one-month work were represented on different exhibitions together with Marjetka Kardelj. The mentor was dr. Mirjan Žorž. In November 1998 Miha Jeršek started his postgraduate study for master degree at the Department of Geology, University of Ljubljana and he defended his master thesis "Vključki v dragih in okrasnih kamnih" (transl.: "Inclusions in gem and ornamental stones") in June 2000.


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