Mateja Urlep
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A Pharmacist, with 17 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry Field including management positions in all industry areas such as development, production, marketing and sales as well as some previous limited experience in academia.

The current responsibility covers the set-up and leadership of a Global Marketing and Medical team in newly established BU Biopharmaceuticals in one of the Leading Generics companies - Sandoz.

The responsibility includes setting-up and developing the leadership team in global headquarters as well as the net of teams in the countries, installing global positioning and messaging for the new business and new class of products, overlooking and managing the implementation of global strategy in local Sandoz organisations worldwide.


An integrative leader who works with and through people, I have an outgoing interest in people with an ability to gain the respect and confidence of varied types of individuals. I strive to do business in a friendly way, while pushing forward to win an objective and sell a point of view, by being usually a good coordinator who is willing to delegate and exhibiting poise and confidence in most situations.

Usually an excellent motivator and manager of people, a good leader who can communicate well and persuade as well as be persuaded I managed to lead people into the pioneering business activities. I like to feel part of the team, being quite restless for success and like to lead people rather than direct them to achieve results by being capable of seeing the big picture.


Q1/2007-Still in position

Sandoz BU Biopharmaceuticals - Head Global Marketing and Medical

Role Specification

To lead the people and manage the activities

In support of Sandoz strategic plan and increased focus on biosimilar biopharmaceutical products the responsibility of the role is to set-up, lead and guide all commercial activities of biosimilar biopharmaceutical products, including coordinating with country operations for marketing, strategies and launch plans, and commercialization strategies for company’s overall biosimilar biopharmaceuticals portfolio. In addition, the leader works closely with Biopharmaceutical Development to ensure that the pipeline and portfolio are aligned with market strategies and requirements.

Q1/2006-Still in position

Business Director for the EPO Project, responsible for the coordination and

enhancement of our cross-functional implementation activities. I continue to serve as Business Director of EPO Project in addition to my new role.

Q1/2001 - Q1/2007

Sandoz BPO - Head Centre of Excellence Menges

Since 2001, I led the biopharmaceutical development and production in Mengeš

where I served as Head Centre of Excellence Cell Culture Development Mengeš in

Biopharmaceutical Operations (BPO) organization. Within this, from Q4/2003 until Q1/2005 I served as Head Biopharmaceutical Franchise CEE in Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals responsible for regional activities of the business in development, production and M&S.

Q4/1999 - Q1/2001

Lek- Deputy Director Business Development

In this role my responsibilities lay in the strategic assessment of new product portfolio including in-licensing deal management. The role also included Product Life Cycle Management and Inputs to product development strategy

Q2/1994 - Q4/1999

Lek - Marketing and Sales

The role in Marketing and sales started with Head Hospital Sales in domestic market, with responsibility for the sales of the company’s hospital business and direct management and leadership of the hospital field force. Then it evolved over time into a Brand Manager in the Global Marketing with the responsibility for Global Brand strategy development and implementation into the country organisation.

Q3/1991 - Q2/1994

Lek - Medical Devices

My first industry assignment was in the area of Medical devices and Diagnostics where I served as deputy head of the Business unit responsible for business development and strategic marketing.

Q2/1989 - Q2/1991

Medical University in Ljubljana, Institute for Biochemistry


Wally ball, marshal arts, skiing, music, reading, travelling, cooking


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