Martin Rieser
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Martin Rieser has always been fascinated by the possibility of creating fragmentary narrative structures and interactive stories using new technology. This has led him into his current explorations using mobile and locative technologies and large-scale interactive video experiences. Rieser has worked in the field of interactive arts for many years, having originally studied Literature and Philosophy, and subsequently Fine Arts at Goldsmiths and in Paris. He is Joint research Professor between the Institute of Creative Technologies and The Faculty of Art and Design at De Montfort. His art practice in internet art and interactive narrative installations has been seen around the world including Cannes, Holland, Paris, Vienna, Thessaloniki, London, Germany, Milan, Montreal, Nagoya and Melbourne, Australia. He has published numerous essays and books on digital art including New Screen Media: Cinema/ Art/Narrative (BFI/ZKM, 2002), and has recently edited The Mobile Audience, a book on locative technology and art due out this year from Rodopi.

No public lectures