Maria D'Itria
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Maria R. D'Itria is a fifth grade teacher at the Harvard Kent School, a BPS Lead/Mentor Teacher, a Math Standards Facilitator, a Cooperating Teacher Trainer, a member of the Instructional Leadership Team, and a Golden Apple recipient. She has participated in the Boston Children's Museum TAP Multicultural Institute, as well as a number of workshops focusing on Japan and Southeast Asia. She was the Museum's representative to the CTAPS Summer Study " A Global Perspective: Integrating Asia-Pacific in the Curriculum" at the University of Hawaii East West Center. She participated in the Japan Travel/Study Program also sponsored by the Museum and traveled throughout Southeast Asia and Indonesia with CTAPS. On the local level, she has collaborated with the National Parks Service, People and Places Program, and the Bostonian Society to enrich students' knowledge of local heroes and events in Boston's history. She and her students have helped to create the Boston Women's Heritage Trail and "Walk Her Way" a trail which honors the women of Charlestown. In order to enhance her classroom instruction, she participated in TeachNet and the Pioneer Technology Teacher Program. In addition, she has helped to develop curricula and field test STARFESTIVAL, A Return to Japan CD-ROM created by Professor Shigeru Miyagawa.


flag Lecture 9: Ms. Maria D'Itria, Fifth grade, Harvard Kent School, Boston, USA
as author at  MIT CMS.930 / 21F.034 Media, Education, and the Marketplace - Fall 2001,