Maggy Pézeril
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Maggy Pézeril is in charge of international projects for the Southern Mediterranean region, in particular, coordinator of the Averroès project for academic exchanges between Universities in Maghreb and Europe (ERASMUS-MUNDUS action2, 2008-2014) and of the Alyssa project for academic mobility between European and Tunisian Universities (ERASMUS-MUNDUS action2, 2013-2015). She is also short term expert for the Algerian Government (PAPS/ESR) on quality assurance. Most of her professional activity is in the information management sector and in leading ICT project for innovation in the educational sector at the regional, national and European project (on technology enhanced learning, multimedia content management & access and related standardisation issues). Since 2008 however her professional activities are dedicated to developing and leading projects in the Maghreb region, for academic mobility and interuniversity cooperation with the Southern Mediterranean region. All the projects include a strong capacity building component and involve ICT .


flag The use of ICT for changing Academic Mobility Patterns
as author at  1st Internet of Education Conference - The role of Computer Science in the Internet of Education, Ljubljana 2013,
flag Interview with Maggy Pézeril
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