Krishnamurthy Dvijotham
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The focus of my reserach is to develop efficient algorithms for the control of complex high-dimensional systems. I am interested in developing generally applicable techniques, but recently I have started focusing on control at the transmission scale of the power grid. As we move towards integrating a large amount of renewable sources (like wind energy) into the grid, the grid is becoming more complex and stochastic that cannot be handled by the classical control paradigms currently being used in the grid. As we move towards a new "smart" grid, we will need intelligent control at all levels of the grid. I am working on developing efficient algorithms that achieve this at the highest level (transmission level) of the grid, where centralized control of large generators and energy storage (batteries) can potentially deal with significant stochasticity efficiently.

My adviser is Emo Todorov and I also collaborate with Misha Chertkov and Scott Backhaus at Los Alamos National Labs.


flag Generalizations of the Theory of Linearly Solvable MDPs
as author at  Workshop on Statistical Physics of Inference and Control Theory, Granada 2012,