Kira Radinsky
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I am a PhD Computer-Science student (since 2010/05) in the Technion, graduate of the Technion Excellence program. My advisors are Prof. Shaul Markovitch and Dr. Nir Ailon. I started my studing in the Technion at the age of 15 - and since then I am here. Actually, not all the time I was in the Technion - I was a programmer in the Israeli Defence Force for almost 3 years, and was also an active developer for Firefox. I co-founded Promisite CMS services and later worked in developing recommendation systems in Webshakes. Today, I am working as a researcher at Microsoft Innovation Labs.

My primary research focus is Machine Learning, and my mission is to change the way we understand the Temporal aspect in Machine Learning. I aim to learn how to Predict in temporal environments with dynamically changing features, labels and temporal correlations with other objects in the domain. I introduce a general unifying framework for the Temporal Concept Learning problem, which generalized traditional concept learning to deal with the time aspect and provided a modular algorithmic framework to solve this temporal prediction problem. I apply the algorithms in multiple domains such as FOREX, oil trading, weather and hurricane prediction. My current research is now mostly in Temporal Predictions on the Web - including web-page change, ranking in temporal environments, Temporal NLP and social networks change prediction.


flag Ranking From Pairs and Triplets: Information Quality, Evaluation Methods and Query Complexity
as author at  Fourth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining - WSDM 2011,