Kevin Tang
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Kevin Tang is a PhD researcher in the Department of Linguistics at University College London, UK. I hold a BA and an MEng in Engineering at the University of Cambridge as well as an MA in Linguistics from University College London. My PhD research is on speech misperception, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. I am currently involved in projects investigating the effect of alcohol in L1 and L2 speech, visual word recognition using EEG and linguistic-tool development using big data. I conduct small group teaching in phonetics, phonology and statistics. My burgeoning interest in education stemmed from being part of an interdisciplinary university-wide team to develop and implement the use of the peer-assisted learning package, PeerWise. I also have an interest in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Datamining.


flag The Importance of Peer-Learning: A Case Study on PeerWise
as author at  1st Internet of Education Conference - The role of Computer Science in the Internet of Education, Ljubljana 2013,
together with: Sam Green,