Keith James Harris
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Keith Harris is a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow. Currently, he is working on a three year EPSRC funded research project with Professor Mark Girolami entitled Advancing Machine Learning Methodology for New Classes of Prediction Problems. Prior to this, he spent just over 5 months as a research associate for the Centre for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics working with Professor Tony O'Hagan at the University of Sheffield on a project entitled Quantifying Uncertainty in the Biospheric Carbon Flux for England and Wales. Keith holds a masters degree in Statistics from the University of Sheffield and a PhD ("Statistical Modelling and Inference for Radio-Tracking") from the Department of Probability and Statistics of the same university, supervised by Professor Paul Blackwell.


flag An integrated generative and discriminative Bayesian model for binary classification
as author at  4th International Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology (MLSB), Edinburgh 2010,
flag Definition of Valid Proteomic Biomarkers: Bayesian Solutions to a Currently Unmet Challenge
as author at  Workshop on Learning and Inference in Computational and Systems Biology (LICSB), London 2009,