Keith Glover
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Keith Glover received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London (1967), and the S.M., E.E., and Ph.D. degrees from MIT in Engineering with a specialization in Systems and Control (1971, 1971, 1973). He held a Kennedy Scholarship at MIT and has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the IEEE, also receiving the IEEE Control Systems Award (Technical Field Award).

His research has been concerned with the analysis and design of control systems in the face of disturbances and system uncertainty. This program has ranged from mathematical developments, through design methodologies to practical applications in flight control and automotive engine management systems.


flag Industry Perspectives on Engineering
as moderator at  MIT World Series: Engineering Systems Symposium 2004,
together with: Travis Engen, John Grace, Robert Lucky,