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KDD 2019 - Anchorage   

25th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), Anchorage 2019

KDD 2019, a premier interdisciplinary conference, brings together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics, and big data.


Opening Ceremony

Keynote Talks

Applied Data Science Invited Speakers

KDD Project Showcase

Project showcase program, Demos

Hands-On Tutorials

Applied Data Science Invited Talks

Research Track Oral Presentations: RT10

Research Track Oral Presentations: RT11 Clustering and Visualization

Research Track Oral Presentations: RT12 Recommender Systems I

Applied Data Science Oral Presentations: ADS5 Scalability and Novel Applications

Research Track Oral Presentations: RT13 Learning

Research Track Oral Presentations: RT14 Anomaly Detection

Research Track Oral Presentations: RT1 Neural Networks

Research Track Session RT15: Mining in Emerging Applications II

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS6: Environment and Sustainability


Research Track Session RT16: Machine Learning Themes I

Research Track Session RT17: Interpretability

Research Track Session RT2: Analyzing Sequential and Temporal Data

Research Track Session RT18: Recommender Systems II

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS7: Entity Extraction, Linking, and Search

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS8: Sensor and Consumer Services

Research Track Session RT19: Machine Learning Themes II

Research Track Session RT20: Online and Incremental Algorithms

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS9: E-commerce and Advertising


Research Track Session RT6: Network Science

Research Track Session RT3: Algorithmic Techniques

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS1: Auto-ML and Development Frameworks

Research Track Session RT4: Embeddings I

Research Track Session RT5: Privacy and Policy Learning

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS2: Language Models and Text Mining

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS3: Urbanism and Mobility

Research Track Session RT7: Graph Neural Networks

Research Track Session RT8: Knowledge Extraction

Research Track Session RT9: Mining in Emerging Applications I

Applied Data Science Track Session ADS4: Real-Time and Online

Social Impact Workshop


Data Science in China

KDD Women's Lunch

Dissertation award

Data Science in India

KDD 2019 Closing Session

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