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Research Sessions


Session 01: Link and Click Prediction

Session 02: Frequent Item Sets Research

Session 03: Feature Selection Research

Session 04: Privacy-Sensitive Algorithms for Learning, Publishing, and Social Networks

Session 05: Classification Models and Tools Research

Session 06: Bioinformatics Research

Session 07: Privacy-Sensitive Mining Research

Session 08: Graph Algorithms Research

Session 09: Clustering Research

Session 10: Graph Mining and Classification Research

Session 11: Topic Modeling Research

Session 12: Algorithms for Recommendations

Session 13: Text Analysis

Session 14: Social Classification and Clustering

Session 15: Classification Algorithms and Analyses

Session 16: Recommendations: User Models and Mobility

Session 17: Social Network

Session 18: Ranking and Multi-Label Learning

Session 19: Propagation in Social Networks

Session 20: Evolving and Spatial Data

Session 21: KDD Methodology

Session 22: Transfer and Multi-Task Learning

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