James Morash
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Jim Morash has worked as a research engineer in the MIT Sea Grant College Program's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Laboratory since the summer of 2001. In his six and a half years as a member of the AUV Lab engineering team, Morash has worked on the design, construction, testing, and field deployment of a wide variety of marine robots, including deep diving unmanned submersibles for underwater archaeology, low-cost autonomous surface craft for disaster response and environmental monitoring, and small hybrid ROV/AUVs designed for shallow-water inspection and monitoring of man-made structures and coral reefs.

Morash joined the AUV Lab engineering team just after graduating from MIT (BS EECS '01), and recently went back to school part-time to finish his M.Eng. degree (EECS '08), studying high speed acoustic communications under the sponsorship of the Chevron-MIT University Partnership Program. Publications, and the latest updates on marine robotics projects at MIT, are available at the AUV Lab web site.


flag Advancements in Underwater Vehicles: Responding to Current Environmental Issues
as author at  MIT World Series: Soap Box,