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Slovenian KDD Conference on Data Mining and Data Warehouses (SiKDD) 2012

Data handling technologies are significantly progressing. The first phases mainly dealing with storing and efficiently accessing the data, resulted in the development of industry delivering tools for handling large databases, standardization of related processes, queering languages, etc. When the data storage was not a primary problem any more the need for improving the database organization resulted in the databases supporting not only transactions but also analytical views of the data.
At this point data warehousing with OLAP (On-Line-Analytical-Processing) entered as a usual part of a company information system. The OLAP paradigme stil requires from the user to set well defined questions which is not always easy and possible. This led to the development of Data Mining offering automatic data analysis trying to obtain some new information from the existing data and enabling the user some new insights in the data.
Further development of methods for Text and Multimedia Mining enables handling textual, video and audio data in addition to well structured data in databases. Large amount of data and activities on the Web is further addressed in Web Mining where in addition to content of the Web documents, the structure of the Web and Web log-files are analysed. Structure of interconnected data objects is also in focus of Link Detection and Link Analysis, as for instance in Social Network Analysis.

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Slovenian KDD Conference on Data Mining and Data Warehouses (SiKDD) 2012
Conference on 100 Years of Alan Turing and 20 Years of SLAIS  

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