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ICML 2015 - Lille   

32nd International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Lille 2015

ICML 2015 is the leading international machine learning conference and is supported by the International Machine Learning Society (IMLS).



Welcome Address

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flagWelcome addressWelcome address
Joelle Pineau, David Blei, Francis R. Bach Joelle Pineau, David Blei, Francis R. Bach

Keynote Speakers


Deep Learning I

Distributed Optimization

Bayesian Nonparametrics I

Reinforcement Learning I

Learning Theory I

Supervised Learning I

Bandit Learning

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flagCheap BanditsCheap Bandits
Manjesh Kumar Hanawal Manjesh Kumar Hanawal

Deep Learning Computations


Matrix Factorization

Sparsity I

Ranking Learning

Optimization I

Structured Prediction I

Reinforcement Learning II

Gaussian Processes I

Transfer Learning I

Networks and Graphs I

Deep Learning II

Networks and Graphs II

Online Learning I

Probabilistic Models I

Learning Theory II

Transfer Learning II

Deep Learning and Vision

Bayesian Optimization

Variational Inference

Large Scale Learning

Structured Prediction II

Manifold Learning

Gaussian Processes II

Monte Carlo Methods


Feature Selection I

Kernel Methods

Computational Advertising and Social Science

Optimization II

Approximate Inference I

Bayesian Nonparametrics II

Time Series Analysis I

Feature Selection II

Unsupervised Learning I

Optimization III

Probabilistic Models II

Natural Language Processing I


Online Learning II

Unsupervised Learning II

Deep Learning III


Topic Models

Reinforcement Learning III

Gaussian Processes III

Supervised Learning II

Reinforcement Learning IV

Optimization IV

Bayesian Nonparametrics III

Sparsity II

Clustering I


Sparse optimization

Approximate Inference II

Natural Language Processing II

Time Series Analysis II

Clustering II

Learning Theory III

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