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Collaboration and Interoperability Services in the COIN system: a scientific approach

The Enterprise Interoperability (EI) concepts and paradigms are being widely accepted as a mean to improve European Industry competitiveness with respect of the globalized world and markets.

Part of the workshop was dedicated to the announcement of the COIN Book: the initiative launched by the COIN Project to support and foster the scientific publication level and recognition of COIN novel concepts and approaches and improve the dissemination process by collecting all the relevant information and scientific achievement in the Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration and the COIN context in a single volume. The first contributions for the edition of the final COIN Book was illustrated during the session.

The workshop contributes also in the validation and the consolidation of recommendations and suggestions aimed at facilitating the adoption of the COIN service platform model and EC/EI services at wide European level.

Aims of the workshops are:

  • Increase the awareness on the potential associated to EI/EC models adoption;
  • Contribute to the scientific research on the Collaboration and Interoperability and similar domains;
  • Sharing with the participants COIN’s planned contribution to the Commission’s FinES Cluster and relevant developments.

Detailed information can be found at Collaboration and Interoperability Services in the COIN system.


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