Hans Maassen
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As an associate professor in Mathematical Physics at the Mathematics department of the Radboud University Nijmegen I do research on quantum probability or non-commutative probability, a generalisation of probability theory that is broad enough to contain quantum mechanics. This work is part of the Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT) research cluster of connected universities in the Netherlands. In collaboration with Burkhard K├╝mmerer we are developing the theory of quantum Markov chains, their asymptotic completeness and ergodic theory, with applications to quantum optics. Our focal point is shifting towards quantum information and control theory, an area which is rapidly becoming relevant to experimental physicists. My former collaborator Madalin Guta works on quantum statistics.

I teach probability, linear programming, stochastic processes and stochastic analysis, and mathematical modeling. Special topics: quantum probability theory.


flag Quantum information and stabilization of quantum states by feedback control
as author at  Workshop on Statistical Physics of Inference and Control Theory, Granada 2012,