Hafez Al Mirazi
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Hafez Al-Mirazi is the host of Al Jazeera Arabic television talk show "From Washington." The weekly show highlights different issues related to US-Arab relations. US senior officials, including Secretaries Rice, Powell, and Rumsfeld, in addition to many American lawmakers and newsmakers have been interviewed on Mr. Al-Mirazi's show. During the last five years, he served as Washington Bureau Chief for Al-Jazeera. Before joining Al-Jazeera in 2000, he was the Washington correspondent for the BBC Arabic/World Service. Previously, Mr. Al-Mirazi hosted, for five years, two weekly talk shows, on radio and television, for the Arab Network of America in Washington. He also held positions as writer, editor, and broadcaster for Voice of America. He covered most US presidential election campaigns and its national conventions from 1984 to 2004. Mr. Al-Mirazi started his career as a radio journalist and broadcaster with Voice of the Arabs, Cairo Radio of Egypt, in 1980. He holds Masters in World Politics from the Catholic University of America and a Bachelor in Political Science from Cairo University. Mr. Al-Mirazi has lived in Washington, DC, since 1983.


flag The Arab Discourse and the International Role
as author at  MIT World Series: The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq,
flag Class 6: The Arab Discourse on Iraq and the International Role
as author at  MIT 11.948 The Politics of Reconstructing Iraq - Spring 2005,
together with: Yosef Jabareen (introducer),