Francisco Eduardo De Sousa Webber
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Francisco Webber founded Matrixware in 2005, a provider of innovative patent retrieval solutions, and has served as CEO since the company’s founding.

Webber took an interest in information technology as a medical student specialising in genetics and serology at the University of Vienna. He participated in various research at the Vienna Serological Institute and was heavily involved in medical data processing and took part in such projects as establishing and organising Austria’s dialysis register database and creating a patient documentation system for the university clinic.

In the mid-1990s, he worked with Konrad Becker to found Vienna’s Institute for New Culture Technologies and Public Netbase – at that time Austria’s only free public-access Internet server – thus establishing an international competency platform for the critical use of information and communications technologies.

He also served as technical director and partner at Uptime, where he was responsible for information management, software development and UNIX hosting.


flag Does Semantics Bring Business Intelligence to Search
as author at  2nd European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC), Vienna 2008,
together with: Peter Jackson, Atanos Kiryakov, Dickson Lukose, Jörg Wurzer, Gregor Honse (moderator),
flag Matrixware │ Semantic Supercomputing: Intelligence Paired with Brute Force
as author at  2nd European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC), Vienna 2008,