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BLED Preparatory Workshop

The main objective of this preparatory workshop was to kick off a discussion the “Western Balkans Futures: Foresight 2020 Project”, which aimed at:

  1. Developing a Knowledge Society in the region while speeding up the integration process to the EU
  2. Identifying priority areas for social and economic development in the Western Balkan region and financing those areas through development support funds
  3. Opening opportunities for sectoral development and thus increasing the role of the region in the global economy

This preparatory workshop also aimed to generate first ideas on the development of a proposal for the “Western Balkans Futures: Foresight 2020 Project”. The participants of the workshop were nominated from the Western Balkan countries. Following an introduction the project concept, the programme included presentations from the representatives of the Regional Cooperation Council; which promotes mutual cooperation and European and Euro-Atlantic integration of South East Europe in order to inspire development in the region to the benefit of its people; and European Commission JRC/IPTS which offers scientific knowledge support for the development of European Union policies. The proposal for the “Western Balkans Futures: Foresight 2020 Project” was submitted to IPA for funding. The backbone methodology of the “Western Balkans 2020 Futures Project” is Foresight. Therefore the workshop also aimed to raise awareness of Foresight concepts and techniques. Following the presentations the workshop participants were invited to brainstorm on the scoping of the project including discussions on the rationales, focus and coverage, methodology, participants of the project and other relevant issues such as a project timeline.

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BLED Preparatory Workshop

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