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ELEXIS Showcase Event 2022 - Firenze   

ELEXIS from Α to Ω: Outcomes, Sustainability & Afterlife of a new European Lexicographic Infrastructure, Firenze 2022

The ELEXIS showcase event invites representatives of institutions that have become observers, as well as people from the industry, operating in fields such as Language Technology, Machine Translation, language learning, Dictionary Publishing, etc.

Important topics that will be covered:

- Overview of ELEXIS Horizon 2020 project (2018-2022)

- Presentation of ELEXIS online tools and services

- ELEXIS Curriculum: Teaching & Training

- Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues, copyright

- Lexicographic standards used and produced by ELEXIS

- Project afterlife and sustainability (CLARIN & DARIAH)


TUESDAY, June 7th 2022

3 views, 03:52  
Monica Monachini Monica Monachini
16 views, 56:13  
Andraž Repar, Carole Tiberius, et al. Andraž Repar, Carole Tiberius, Adam Rambousek, Anne Klee, Lenka Bajčetić

WEDNESDAY, June 8th 2022

flagWelcome speechWelcome speech
Claudio Marazzini Claudio Marazzini

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