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ECCS´08 - Jerusalem   

5th European Conference on Complex Systems

Given the importance of Complexity for the science, culture and society various programs such as NEST and FET in EU and CCS in Jerusalem made significant investments over the last years to initiate and support complexity research projects. Two coordination actions were particularly effective in centralizing the activity of those projects: GIACS and ONCE-CS . One of the main results of this investment was a series of conferences: Turin 2004 , Paris 2005 , Oxford 2006 and Dresden 2007 that brought together and helped fusing the relevant disciplines. The goal of the 2008 conference in Jerusalem is to reflect the recent scientific progress in the field of complexity, increase the actively involved community and bring it to the knowledge of a wider circle of stakeholders: media, policy makers, NGO's and general public.


Opening Address from the Conference Chair

Plenary - September,15

Special Invited - September,15

Plenary - September,16

Special Invited - September,16

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flagHuman Mobility PatternsHuman Mobility Patterns
Albert-László Barabási Albert-László Barabási

Plenary - September,17

Special Invited - September,17

Workshop on Working Memory

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