Darinka Pek Drapal
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For the past fifteen years the director of the agency and communication consultant, Darinka Pek Drapal has been successfully combining the natural sciences knowledge, acquired during her studies, with social sciences and communication skills, gained at the University of Stirling (Scotland) where she studied public relations. She does not believe those representatives of the psychoanalytic school who assert that there is no nature. Therefore she finds even more professional satisfaction when dealing with projects that demand social understanding of the interventions into nature and urban space. That is what makes her an advocate of industrial ecology and a defender of environmental impact reduction.

Although she does not belong to the extreme environmental protectionists she endeavours to build relationships between them and those who are sometimes on the other side. She shifts away from what the majority understands as public relations. She strives for the development of participatory modes of communication, building of partnerships and an open space for communication.


flag Podnebne razmere in korporacijske odgovornosti
as author at  Conference on Climate Change: An Opportunity for Growth, Brdo pri Kranju 2007,