Chris J. Mackie
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Christopher J. Mackie is Associate Program Officer for the Program in Research in Information Technology of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (, where he collaborates in the support of initiatives for new ways to benefit teaching and learning through the collaborative development of open-source software. RIT's areas of activity include investigating technical approaches to archiving and providing access to scholarly resources, further development of digital libraries, development of advanced search protocols, improved electronic storage, and innovations in user interface technologies. Prior to joining the Mellon Foundation, Chris held positions in healthcare, commercial and academic IT, and served as an IT consultant to domestic and international not-for-profit organizations. He received his PhD from Princeton University, and holds Masters degrees from Princeton and the University of Michigan, as well as an A.B. from the University of North Carolina.


flag Effective Examples of Educational Technology and Priorities for Future Investment
as author at  MIT World Series: Learning without Barriers / Technology without Borders,
together with: Andrew A. Chien, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Ashok S. Kolaskar, James J. Duderstadt (moderator),