Carmel Domshlak
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My primary research interest is in Artificial Intelligence (AI) computational and modeling problems, with an emphasis on interesting structure/complexity connections that can be found in different tasks of automated reasoning such as domain-independent planning, multi-agent system design, and user-centric information systems (via preferential reasoning). The recent focus of my work has been on heuristic functions for domain-indepent forward-search planning, and on parametric complexity of various fragments of planning tasks. I am also getting more and more interested in foundations of planning for multi-agent systems. Tangentially, I am also interested in problems that lie on the boundary between computer science and social choice, e.g., various settins of rank aggregation, voting, recommendation, etc. (Warning: my "research focus" appears to be quite a moving target as there are simply too many interesting questions on AI's research agenda ...)


flag When Abstractions Met Landmarks
as author at  20th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), Toronto 2010,