Bonnie Bracey
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onnie Bracey is a teacher-agent of change, a mentor teacher who works with technology integration projects emphasing the use of technology as media , nationally and internationally.

A highlight of her career was to be appointed to the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Clinton to work with Vice President Al Gore and the Commerce Dept. . She served in this position for the duration of the council. She helped to author the two products of the council. National Work

KickStart Initiative:

Connecting America's Communities to the Information Superhighway helps community leaders launch KickStart Initiatives to bring their communities onto the Information Superhighway.

A Nation of Opportunity:

Realizing the Promise of the Information Superhighway sets forth the mandate and mission of the United States Advisory Council on the National Information Infrastructure. CyberEd

Following the NII reports, she was selected to be a K-12 teacher representative on another White House Technology Initiative CyberEdThere was established a resource for school, and community use which is this web page. NCATE

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) has released a report on technology that should drive change in NCATE’s accreditation standards and raise the bar for teacher candidate and faculty use of technology in schools of education. Bonnie was one of two K-12 teachers involved in crafting this report. Technology and the New Professional Teacher:

Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom (1997) National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, NEA

She is a teacher ambassador for this educational group. New NSDC Standards

She was the teacher representative that helped to frame the new NSDC standards.

National Staff Development Standards EOT-PACI

She continues to collaborate with the NCSA , learning in workshops and outreach the new uses of Next Generation Internet.

In addition to work on digital equity,she is collaborating and studying in the areas of visualization and modeling, ubiquitous computing, and on line learning. She has a special interest in wireless initiatives, and immersive projects. Online Inernet Institute

Ms. Bracey co-founded the Online Internet Institute, This project was funded by NSF. CILT

She is a working member of the digital diversity project at CILT. This group has been funded to create projects on digital equity and to speak at conferences. . Further collaborating with CILT , on the Knowledge Network, and with TERC in learning projects that outreach to teachers. Third World Summit for Children

Collaboration and work with the European Children’s Television Centre, Athens Greece

This was a three year project involving many kinds of media, which result in a conference with talent, and resources drawn from all over the world. There was an Agora project each summer. There were collaborations and attendance with the premiere film festivals for children such as Prix Jeunesse.

Producer, with Thanassis Rikaki, High Technology Section of the Summit

Producer, Project for the Indigenous

Technology Resource Collaborator(media as a tool) New Collaborations

Digital Equity Book Project This is a PT3 Project, Leaders, Gwen Solomon and Paul Resta

Games to Teach Project (Program in Comparative Media Studies) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Star Festival Network Massachusetts Institute of Technology

She recently got an award from SF WOW as one of the 25 most influential women on the web. Here is how they presented her. SFWOW Winner

Bonnie Bracey is a technology pioneer. She is an outspoken advocate for teacher involvement in the exploration and visioning for the use of technology as a tool. She is a Lucas Fellow. She was a member of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council appointed by President Clinton working with Vice President Gore and the Department of Commerce in helping to frame the documents that provided the national visions for the use of technology. She has been helping teachers all over the world in global and national outreach on special initiatives. Most of her work is as a volunteer.

A former Fulbright Exchange Teacher to India and an elementary school teacher in Virginia, Ms. Bracey was selected as a Christa McAuliffe Educator by the National Education Association's National Foundation for the Improvement of Education. She is also a Challenge Center Fellow and memberof International Faculty. She has been involved with NASA's youth projects and is on the NASA review board for youth projects.

She serves on the faculty of the Challenger Center and is a NEWEST Graduate, Langley, and NEW graduate of Goddard Space Center.

Bonnie is an advocate for gender equity and for digital bridges to create transformational learning.

Bonnie will be featured in Converge Magazine, this July as a technology pioneer.

Converge Magazine came to Greece to observe her international work.

Ms. Bracey serves on numerous advisory boards and has served on boards, including Lightspan,The Lucas Foundation,: Technos, The National Urban League, E-School News, On the Horizon, African Schoolnet( as observer) and , CTCnet, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Task Force. She is a TENS pioneer, Davos Foundation.

She was the original network director of the 21st Century Teacher's Network and served on the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Kinetic City Advisory Board. She was co founder of the Online Internet Institute, an NSF funded grant. She is a member of the ISTE Minority task force. She is the New Technologies Educational Advisor for the European Children's Television Center.

Ms. Bracey is a frequent speaker at educational technology conferences and those focusing on bridging the Digital Divide.

She pioneered listserv projects with teachers , List Serv , NII Teach ( University of Idaho) with a lot of help from friends Articles

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