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Borl Open Castle 2009 - Cirkulane   

Borl Open Castle, Cirkulane 2009

It is impossible to touch upon extraordinary life changing experiences many of us had since we re-discovered this magnificant ancient castle Borl – Ankenstein 16 years ago!

How amazing it was to stand in 1993 for the first time in front of the ancient tower rooted in Parzival family of the 9th century! Mythical stories of Grail and Arthurian Round Table so close, so tangible!

Of course it could be no other sacred place than here, where we could start developing the innovation of Art and Business as Journey Towards Polyphonic European Identity!

Those of you who have participated in ups and downs of these past years will appreciate to hear, that there is now unfolding a very hopeful “up”, we are engaging in serious talks with Slovenian authorities and there will be more good news when you join us in Borl at the end of August. And those of you who have never been there: Just look for the spot where 16th Meridian crosses river Drava in eastern Slovenia and do not miss the historical moment!

The event homepage can be found at Borl Open Castle


Reviews and comments:

Comment1 Treasa O'Driscoll, January 6, 2010 at 10:31 p.m.:

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this-it introduced me to the castle, the history, the possibilities that exist for the wonderful work ahead. When Miha asks the question,"What is seeking to come forth and how I can I serve?"the whole cosmos responds. I sensed a reverence in the audience for what he offers. The folk spirit of Slovenia hovers while Europa holds her breath in anticipation...

To have entered the musical process before hearing the piece made for an enriched and awesome experience of the whole. Miha's virtuoso performance was fully expressive of all the insights he shared, lifting his inspired educative impulse to a higher qualitative level that is beyond words and striking illustrations.I also appreciated the conductor's fluid and graceful style that drew forth a deeply moving performance from the orchestra.
May the vision of Borl Castle be realised!

Treasa O'Driscoll, Canada

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