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BBCI Workshop 2009 - Berlin   

BBCI Workshop: Advances in Neurotechnologies, Berlin 2009

Different approaches to Brain-Computer Interfaces have been developed, each one with specific solutions that range from understanding and explaining cognitive functions to communicating with real and virtual environments by thought alone. This year the Berlin BCI Workshop presents an overview, in-depth tutorials and discussions on the latest research at all levels of interaction. The research presented will cover

  • invasive recording, with its high temporal and spatial resolution
  • semi-invasive ECoG, non-invasive EEG, with high temporal and low spatial resolution
  • non-invasive NIRS and fMRI measurement, with partially high spatial and low temporal resolution
  • and potential combinations of the different methods

The workshop homepage can be found at




votesvotesvotesvotesvotes [syn]  12642 views, 1:15:12  
flagMachine Learning and Signal Processing Tools for BCIMachine Learning and Signal Processing Tools for BCI
Klaus-Robert Müller, Benjamin Blankertz Klaus-Robert Müller, Benjamin Blankertz
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[syn]  4391 views, 38:44  
flagBernstein Focus: Neurotechnology BerlinBernstein Focus: Neurotechnology Berlin
Klaus-Robert Müller, John-Dylan Haynes, Sebastian Möller Klaus-Robert Müller, John-Dylan Haynes, Sebastian Möller

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