Ashok Belani
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Ashok Belani is chief technology officer of Schlumberger Limited, a position he assumed in March 2006. Based in Paris and Boston, Belani leads the effort to align Schlumberger research, product development, and marketing, in addition to oversight of the company's vast research organization.

Belani joined Schlumberger as a field engineer in 1980 and worked for 10 years in different field positions in operations, sales, and management. He then transferred to product development and held positions in engineering, marketing and technique, and technology management. He served as vice president of marketing and product development for Wireline and later as vice president of marketing and product development for Oilfield Services. He moved to Test and Transactions in 1999 and served as president of Semiconductor Solutions. He later held the position of CIO of Schlumberger Limited. From 2003 to 2005, Belani led the effort to divest the semiconductor equipment business from Schlumberger, listed the subsequent company on the Nasdaq stock exchange and then merged it with Credence Systems.

Belani studied Electrical Engineering in India and holds a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University. He is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University.


flag Breaking the Energy Deadlock-New Technologies for a Secure and Sustainable Energy Economy
as author at  MIT World Series - 2002 TR100 Symposium,
together with: Charles C. Mann (moderator), Firoz Rasul, Steve Gehl, Michael Koss,