Antti Honkela
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I am affiliated with the Bayes group of the Adaptive Informatics Research Centre. My research interests include Bayesian machine learning and approximate inference in particular. I am interested in modelling nonlinear dynamical systems with applications to bioinformatics, especially modelling transcription regulation.

I am currently visiting the University of Manchester until July 2010. I am working with Neil Lawrence and Magnus Rattray.

Free software tools I have created are available on the pages of the Bayes and IVGA groups, as well as with the Manchester group.

I completed my doctoral thesis, "Advances in Variational Bayesian Nonlinear Blind Source Separation", in spring 2005.

My master's thesis, "Nonlinear Switching State-Space Models", is also available here. In addition to the browseable HTML version, the thesis is available as PostScript (659 kB) and PDF (844 kB) versions.


flag Decoding underlying behaviour from destructive time series experiments through Gaussian process models
as author at  Learning and Inference in Computational Systems Biology (LICSB), Warwick 2010,
flag Variational Bayes for Continuous-time Nonlinear State-space Models
as author at  NIPS Workshop on Dynamical Systems, Stochastic Processes and Bayesian Inference, Whistler 2006,