Ankur M. Teredesai
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Ankur M. Teredesai is a Professor of Computer Science & Systems, and Graduate Program Coordinator at the Institute of Technology, University of Washington Tacoma. He obtained a doctorate from SUNY, University at Buffalo in 2002. His research interests focus on data science principles for societal impact and social good.

Apart from his academic appointments at RIT and within the University of Washington, Prof. Teredesai has significant industry experience, having held various positions at C-DAC Pune, Microsoft, IBM T.J. Watson Labs, and a variety of technology startups. He has published over 70 papers on data mining and machine learning, has managed large teams of data scientists/engineers, and deployed numerous data science solutions in various verticals (internet advertising, social networks, handwritten zip code recognizers, healthcare analytics). His recent applied research contributions include risk prediction for heart failure and ACO cost prediction in healthcare analytics, trust-enhanced recommendations, distributed data mining algorithms for big data, novelty detection in video, and dietary volume estimation, to name a few.

Teredesai heads the UW Center for Data Science, and serves as the Information Officer for ACM SIGKDD (Special Interest Group in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining). He is currently an associate editor for ACM SIGKDD Explorations and has served on program committees of major international conferences in data mining, maching learning and related areas.

Prof. Teredesai acts as a mentor to colleagues, and several graduate and undergraduate students. He is actively engaged in developing new approaches to enhance participation of women and non-traditional students to computing. He has been instrumental in growing the graduate program and developing innovative new courses and programs in computing; including the Information Technology degree program at University of Washington Tacoma.


flag AI for Health: How to Make the World a Better Place with Machine Learning
as author at  The 24th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Singapore 2020,
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as presenter at  24th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), London 2018,
together with: Vipin Kumar (presenter), Chih-Jen Lin (presenter), Charu Aggarwal (presenter), Rayid Ghani (presenter), Michael Zeller (presenter), Jian Pei (presenter),
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as moderator at  20th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), New York 2014,
together with: Michael Zeller (moderator),