Ambrosio Giorgio
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Dr. Giorgio Ambrosio is applied scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Batavia, Illinois, USA) where he is leading the research and development of long Nb3Sn magnets for particle accelerator, and the design of a NbTi magnet system for muon transportation. He is a member of the US National Conductor Development Group, and of the LARP (LHC Accelerator Research Program) Magnet Steering Committee. He has written or coauthored more than hundred per-reviewed papers and given lectures at CERN and in many US universities. He is director of the US branch of Euresis (association for the promotion of scientific endeavor), member of the Crossroads Advisory board, and of the Chicago Crossroads branch. 


flag Technology and applications of high field accelerator magnets
as author at  CERN Academic Training Lectures 2008,