Aleksandra Kornhauser
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Professor Aleksandra Kornhauser is Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, and Director, International Centre for Chemical Studies, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Professor Kornhauser was a member of the Parliament of Slovenia from 1965 to 1969, and the Vice-President of Slovenia from 1970 to 1973.

Professor Kornhauser was born on 26 September 1926 and completed her advanced studies and joint research and development projects at universities in Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA. She received her doctorate degree in chemistry at the University of Ljubljana in 1965.

Professor Kornhauser headed research teams carrying out national and international environmental management and sustainable development projects with international organizations (UNDP, UNESCO, World Bank, ILO, etc.), and with a number of relevant organizations in developed countries (such as the US Environmental Protection Agency). In the last decade, she has been particularly involved in projects on university-industry cooperation for development of clean technologies and improvement of university teaching strategies.

Professor Kornhauser has organized over 60 international seminars and workshops in Ljubljana and in over 50 cooperating countries, and provided individual training for over 300 project partners from developing countries. She has over 200 publications on chemistry and environmental management, 15 textbooks on chemistry and chemical informatics and numerous project reports for UNDP, UNESCO and the World Bank.

Professor Kornhauser is involved in a number of national and international committees, foundations, associations, such as the UNESCO International Commission for Education for the Twenty-First Century. She is a member of the Third World Academy of Science, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the Academia Europea (London). She is recipient of several awards, including the Laurent Lavoisier Medal, Academie de Pharmacie, Paris; the Robert Brasted Memorial Award, American Chemical Society; the Australian David Mellor Medal, Sydney; Ambassador of Science, Government of Slovenia; and National Award for Research, Republic of Slovenia.


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