Alberto Cabellos
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Albert Cabellos-Aparicio received a BSc (2001), MSc (2005) and PhD (2008) degree in Computer Science Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia ( In 2004 he was awarded with a full scholarship to carry out PhD studies at the Department of Computer Architecture, Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain. In september 2005 he became an assistant professor of the Computer Architecture Department and as a researcher in the Broadband Communications Group ( In 2010 he joined the NaNoNetworking Center in Catalunya ( where he is the Scientific Director. He is an editor of the Elsevier Journal on Nano Computer Network and member of the Project Management Committee of the LISPmob opensource initiative ( His main research interests are new architectures for the Internet and Nano-networks.


locked flag FOG and HPC in Region Panel
as author at  Cloud Assisted Services in Europe (CLASS) Conference, Bled 2012 ,
together with: Mario Nemirovsky, Lutz Schubert, Stefano Cozzini, Andrej Lipej, Tomi Ilijaš, Dana Petcu,