Al Rosenbloom
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Al Rosenbloom, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at Dominican University, River Forest, IL, US. Al has been a university professor for over 25 years and has taught a wide variety of courses in his primary discipline, marketing. Al’s scholarly interests are many and varied: the application of marketing principles to health care; what knowledge undergraduate management students find most useful on their first job; the issue of brand trust on consumer perceptions of country of origin; and he the relation between private sector initiatives and poverty reduction. Al has been a strong advocate of interactive teaching methods. Throughout his career, Al has received several awards, including Best Teacher of Year, an award for writing the overall best case from the North American Case Research Association (2006), and has twice been the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship (2000, 2007).

Al’s current interests in global poverty alleviation and in marketing efforts aimed at base-of-the-pyramid consumers stem from his Fulbright Scholarship (2000), which was spent in Nepal. Al has since returned to Nepal to teach and consult with NGOs and development agencies to improve the marketing efforts of Nepali small and medium-sized enterprises and micro enterprises. His interests in poverty reduction have also taken him to India, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Bhutan.

Al is also the owner of a marketing consulting firm, A & R Consultants. A & R Consultants serves primarily business clients in health care and higher education. Al sits on the Executive Board of the World Association for Case Method Research and Application (WACRA), serves on the editorial board for the International Journal of Case Method Research and Application, and has served as a judge on the CEEMAN case writing jury. Al received his PhD from Loyola University, Chicago (1995).


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