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Algorithms in Complex Systems 2007 - Eindhoven   

Workshop on Algorithms in Complex Systems, Eindhoven 2007

Algorithms play an important role in the analysis of complex systems. The practical implementation of any procedure almost always depends on fast, stable and accurate algorithms.

The workshop concentrates on algorithms in the areas of statistical analysis under (shape) constraints, Bayesian procedures, image analysis and machine learning and will cover the latest advances in linear and quadratic programming, constrained maximization, sparse systems, differential equations in image analysis and simulation techniques.

The workshop brings together people from different areas which face common problems but approach them in different ways and have different algorithms. In this respect, its aims resemble those of the PASCAL funded workshop on Image Analysis and Inverse Problems held at EURANDOM in December 2006. The workshop was a great success and succeeded in its aim of cross-fertilization of methods and ideas.

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