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Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics   

ASTR 160 - Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics

author: Charles Bailyn, Department of Astronomy, Yale University
recorded by: Yale University
released under terms of: Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives (CC-BY-ND)

This course focuses on three particularly interesting areas of astronomy that are advancing very rapidly: Extra-Solar Planets, Black Holes, and Dark Energy. Particular attention is paid to current projects that promise to improve our understanding significantly over the next few years. The course explores not just what is known, but what is currently not known, and how astronomers are going about trying to find out.

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Reviews and comments:

Comment1 Mehran Moss, August 12, 2011 at 3:08 a.m.:

Excellent series of lectures I have ever watched. Wonder if he has other lectures online?

Comment2 Captain Nader Jneid , December 9, 2012 at 3:34 a.m.:

Captain Nader Jneid have 31 questions with evidence of the scientific facts of space science and aviation, satellites and physics demonstrates and prove:

True Ptolemy's theory that the earth is stationery in place; the earth does not turn around itself and does not revolve around the sun

And error Copernicus's theory that the earth turn around itself and revolve around the sun

• Day and Night form during orbit the Sun around the Earth
• Four season form by the Sun transition between cancer and Capricorn during orbiting around the Earth

My name : Captain Nader Jneid from Syria
Qualification: Syrian Air Force College
Airline Transport Pilot F.A.A
Flight Dispatcher F.A.A
Flight Engineer F.A.A

Proven fact that the earth does not turn around itself and does not revolve around the sun:
Specializes in:
Air and space navigation,
Mechanic space
Hijri and Gregorian Calendar
Prayer Timings
Cell : 00963933813169
Telephone: 00963115412213
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Very…. Very… Very… Important

To avoid playing in the expression and speech,
1. We are looking to the universe that Earth North Pole up
2. It is wrong to say the Earth rotate from west to east,
3. As Copernicus theory the Earth rotating counter clockwise direction around it self.
Questions 1

All Astronomers believe that the earth and the atmosphere one piece, and they both orbit around the center of the earth according to the theory of Copernicus ,And at an altitude of 100 kilometers the atmosphere ended , and then comes the space or the universe
Does the universe orbit around the Earth?
Or stationary?
If the universe orbiting around the Earth, what is the direction of his orbiting?
Is universe orbiting direction clockwise opposed Earth rotation, or
Counter clockwise same Earth rotation?

• My evidence:

If the universe not orbiting around the Earth (standing still) I agree that the Earth rotate
If the universe orbiting around the Earth that mean the Earth is standing still

Questions 2

2 Spacecraft orbit around the Earth 360 degree, reference to fix point on the Earth,
1st: Same Earth rotating directions counter clockwise
2nd: opposite Earth rotating direction clockwise

• My evidence

If Spacecraft Direction same Earth rotating counter clockwise takes more time than Spacecraft Direction clockwise
I agree that the Earth rotating around its self and revolve around the Sun

But if the time less, that means:
The universe orbiting the Earth direction counter clockwise and the Earth is standing still

Questions 3

When NASA put geostationary Satellites in orbit, is their orbital direction counter clockwise or clockwise?

• My evidence
Earth is standing still

Comment3 Professor Lenorman, November 12, 2019 at 1:39 p.m.:

All these scenaris are based on the fact that photons during travel never intered with univers. Now we know univers is filled with gases (look at pictures ) and differents materials .During travel of millions of years or more photons loose enrgy at each impact so lamba decrease therefore redshift appears ! This is called tired light

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Comment5 Hennysmath, August 8, 2023 at 4:21 a.m.:

Extra-Solar Planets: This area of study focuses on planets located outside our solar system, commonly referred to as exoplanets. The course likely delves into topics such as methods for detecting exoplanets, their characteristics, potential habitability, and the implications for the search for extraterrestrial life.

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